Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ratu Tevitia Uluilakeba New YouTube Video

In a move that has shocked anti-government supports, fugitive and former Fiji Military’s Chief of Staff, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba has released a new YouTube video in which he outlines the basic equipment that ought to be taken while on a fishing trip, a clear shift from his anti-Bainimarama speeches. The YouTube video titled, ‘Seafarers Essentials’ was posted at around 1700 hours FJT Wednesday and was confirmed as authentic by digital forensic experts.

Appearing in a Hawaiian shirt, Ratu Tevita thanked all the fishermen out at sea before speaking on his list of equipment. The four and half minute video contained in total twenty things a fisherman has to have on board including suits and leather shoes incase a mermaid appears and invites one for dinner or lunch. 

Once he was essentially done with the lists, he mentioned about the controversial distress signal that he had supposedly sent, a claim refuted by Royal New Zealand Navy.

“There can be lots of different types of distress signals that we can send while stranded out in open waters. It’s very important that we think outside the box. I used a davui and winks. Perhaps Royal New Zealand Navy is just not that smart to pick it up,” Ratu Tevita stated.

He also released a statement shortly after the release of this fourth YouTube video thanking everyone for viewing it and he is impressed by the number of hits that he is getting. According to the statement, he expected ‘bit more hits’ and in a thin veiled reference to pop singer Lady Gaga’s YouTube videos, he stated that she has set the benchmark and its up to the people of Fiji to help him beat her record.

Meanwhile, fellow officer Pita Driti who was also charged with Ratu Tevita on  making seditious charges told our correspondent that he was angry with Ratu Tevita not for leaving him behind but lying to him all this while that the charges were, ‘making seductive comments rather than seditious comments.’ My bad, I should have read the charges myself. 

In other news, former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka called on Ratu Tevita to come back to Fiji to ‘face the music’ and offered to buy him a new sound system for an excellent quality sound and music.